When you decide to change something in your interior, with or without a new piece of furniture, or you are going to decorate, then choosing colors certainly comes into play. The perception of your interior design is influenced by the appropriate paint colors, wallpaper choice, curtains, light, lighting, upholstery and home accessories.

With the right color choices and atmosphere in your home can create an exclusive look. A less fortunate choice of colors, color combinations, fabrics or accessories can correct a ‘just-not’ feeling arise. The color is all about emotion.

Color perception.

The colors that we use to show how we feel. The colors give us a feeling. In addition, everyone has a particular preference for one single color. Also, the time of the year plays an important role in choosing the best color for your house.

We see that in recent years there have been many new wood colors. As there are many choices available, much better for you to decorate your house . It is important that you choose colors that suit you, where you will be happy.

Choosing a furniture also plays an important role to your interior decoration. Bedrooms, washing machine, oven and more. When chosen correctly, can give more feeling to your home. Therefore, it is important to learn more about interior design so that you can choose the color of your paint and also the correct decoration for your house and furniture. With the right knowledge of interior decoration, even with a small budget, you can still able to make your house a dream house.

If you live in Malaysia, here are the best interior design blog that you can take a look at. Please take a look at Giftcrafted.

Pahang is one of the best places if you are to visit Malaysia. I have been in many places and find out that Pahang in Malaysia is one of the best tourist attraction in Malaysia. I recently read an article in Asukavi – Visit Pahang, that highlight a few places to go if you want to visit Pahang. Based on that article, I travel to a few places mentioned and visit their main attraction in Pahang. Overall, the journey is good and there are few photo I shoot during my visit in Pahang.

Pahang Best Attraction

What is Pahang best attraction? If you asked me, I would say, there are 2 main attraction in Pahang. There are many attraction actually and I find that these 3 is the most famous attraction in Pahang. One of the is an island and another one is high land. If you come to Pahang, Malaysia, I recommend you to visit this two places as one of the best attraction in Pahang and Malaysia.

Cameron Highland

I consider Cameron Highland as one of the best attraction in Pahang. Cameron Highland is also one of the best attraction in Malaysia. This is a good location especially if you are on holiday.; The main attraction is all about the cold weather in Cameron Highland. The weather is cold and also many others food such as strawberry that rarely seen in Malaysia. In Cameron Highland also, there are few places that you can go such as Tea Hill, Butterfly garden, Botanical garden and many more attraction in Cameron Highland. Please go and visit Camern Highland if you have a time, and it is worth to go here.

Pulau Tioman

Pulau Tioman or Tioman Island can be considered as one of the best places to go in Pahang and Malaysia. This place is known to tourist not only in Malaysia, also in the world. Their beautiful beaches around this island is the best. Another attraction in here is, coral reef at the sea. You can do scuba diving in here as well. This is another places if you want to visit Pahang. If you have time, go and visit here in Tioman Island.

Bukit Tinggi

Also one of the best places to go in Pahang. Just go here at Asukavi – Visit Bukit Tinggi for more info.

Journey to Enhance Experience

It is good if you can travel all around the world and look at their different culture in your journey. Many things can be learn from a culture. I consider Malaysian culture as unique. That’s it, feel free to meet again someday.

I have a chance to travel to South East Asia and this time I go to Melaka. Melaka located at the east coast of peninsular Malaysian and is known for historical value in the state.

Famous building is A Famosa belongs to a Portugese when they occupy Melaka during 1511. This historical building is now more to a tourist attraction and and this building attract local and foreigners around the globe. If you ever come to Malaysia, I suggest go and visit this building.

Melaka is also known for others attraction such as Klebang Beach or known to the locals as Pantai Klebang. You can have your sweet time and watch the beauty of the beaches around here. The white beaches is suited for a relaxation and more importantly the best to bring along families. Go and visit this place, there are many hotels and resort if you would like to stay here and enjoy the local dishes in Melaka.

If you go here, make sure you have time to get the famous Pantai Klebang Coconut Shake. This coconut shake is so popular and I recommended you to have some. Just try it, the taste is good.

If you would like to know more about historical events, building and would like to know the locals culture, please visit their muzium. Many things you can learn from the locals ancient history. All I can say is, their history is unique and is good for you to know.

Zoo Melaka and Night Safari

This is also an attraction in Melaka. Visit their zoo to learn more about animals such as tiger, lion crocodile and hundreds of bird species can be found around here. Melaka Zoo is said the be the second largest in Malaysia. At night, there are also night safari in here where you can watch the animals behaviour during the night.

Staying in Melaka

If you decide to go here, firstly, you need to get a place to stay in hotels or resort in Melaka. Too many hotels in Melaka and budget hotel also available in here. Just grab one hotels and enjoy your stay in Melaka.

Stay with us for more beautiful picture.

Today I would like to share a unique picture of Shah Alam, one of Malaysia’s most develop city. Shah Alam is located at Selangor and here I would like to share few things related to Shah Alam.



Here are few nice picture that I took during my visit in Shah Alam. Hope you enjoy all the picture taken by me. 🙂

Thanks to my friend for recommending this car rental service known as Khidmat Kereta Sewa in Malay language. Check that out if you want to rent a car in Shah Alam. Good price and affordable for me. Their service is top class.

After Shah Alam whats next?

Maybe I will update a picture again in the future and hope you like them. I will continue traveling in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand and take a good picture and more importantly is know their culture.

Also to visit borneo and would like to take a picture of Orang Utan in there. There are so many things to do and I hope I can still do all of that.

Looking forward to travel more next time. If you want to travel and would like to know more info regarding all of these country, kindly contact me for more info.

I like to travel and travel is my hobby.

Hi all, we meet again, after all after all the previous treatment that I told you, regarding LASIK and others, and now it is a photography time!

This time is a photographer, the purpose of why I created this blog in the first place. Today, as the title suggest, I would like to tell a story about a friend of mine, following their passion, get out from comfort zone in order to become a freelance photographer. When I read about his story, he was a little bit like me, and moreover, I like his story.

This person starting a career as a state government employee at the age of 25. Upon starting, he works in Foreign Department as a Diplomat at Malaysia Foreign department. That is after he qualified for the job after taking special government entrance examination. Known as Contoh Soalan PTD M41 2016 which is a compulsory examination to enter Malaysian government sector.

What interesting with this guy is, he left his steady paycheck, he left his good government job to follow their interest, to follow his hobby as a photographer. It is hard to find a person like him nowadays.


Without a doubt, it is inspiring. If I can do this, if this guy can do this, I know, you can do this too.

Here are a few tips and guide after my experience undergo a Lasik Surgery. I hope that this simple and yet effective guide will help you choose the best and cost effective for you Lasik surgery. Not only Lasik, the other form of Laser eye surgery, Cataract surgery and so on. If you do have any feedback, please let me know by giving a comment below.
Choosing a well known and trustworthy surgeon

eye surgery

laser eye
This is very basic. Of cause you do not want your eyes to be treated by a not trustworthy doctor with a bad track record. Our eyes is very important to me and I love my eyes. That is the sole reason why I want the best surgeon out there to operate my eyes. Especially, during my experience undergo Laser Eye Surgery in Singapore.
How to choose the best doctor or surgeon? There are many option for these as you can find review on the internet and so on. As for me, one of the best things I do is to get a recommendation.

Get recommendation from friends and relatives
Call your family members and relatives or even friends regarding the best surgeon out there! This is applicable not only for eye surgery, to to all types of things. Our families know something that we do not know and by calling them and get recommendation from them, this will be a shortcut.
After you call your family, relatives and friends, you might get a few surgeon or ophthalmologist. This time, call a surgeon and get the best quotation.
Get the best quotation
Best quotation here does not mean cheap. Choose the best price with a good service. Good and best service is expensive and choose carefully. What kind of service their offer, what is after surgery support and so on.
After you get your quotation, consult with your surgeon. Make a checklist on what is the right things to do before, during and after the surgery. During these consultation, please tell you medical history, allergy and so on to help the doctors.
That’s it, hope this article help you in gaining a good tips on how a surgery should be.

After undergo a Lasik in my previous post, I would like to write again regarding this doctor which I think worth to share my experience with. He is such a gentle doctor that I think worth to write a post, since he is a nice person to talk to. Other than Lasik, this clinick also operate Cataract surgery Singapore clinic.

Cataract, just like lasik is one of the eye correction surgery method develop. Check out HERE if you want to know more about eye surgery. Eye surgery is such an important surgery to correct deformative in our eyes. If you have a problem with your lenses, or your vision become blur over time, or you need to replace your contact lenses, eye surgery is one of the best option to go to so far.

Book an Appointment

Reading in the internet wont help you recover from your eye illness. Go out there and meet with a real eye surgery specialist. They can help you with the best solution to your eye problem. Our eyes is important, they need special attention and care and it is really…. really… really important for you to meet a eye specialist.

For those who live in Singapore

Singaporean, you can get a free quotation above and it is a good things to do it quick. Get the best advise from the right person for this job and I am sure he can help you with your eye problem.

Hi all,
This time around mid 2015, I have a chance to travel to Asia. Many places that I go, taking picture and meeting people there. I go to Singapore, Thailand and Korea and many more places that I go. But, in this article, I will share the things I do in Singapore and share with you few pictures that I take in Singapore.

Welcome to Singapore
Singapore is such a small country in southeast Asia with many interesting citizen in there. I go there with a plan to taking a picture and meeting a friends who live in Singapore. I love being there as there are many things to do in Singapore. With great people around, I have a chance to travel to a great place like zoo, their public transport is great.
Also, I had to undergo a Lasik surgery in there. When I come there, this Lasik Eye Surgery Singapore clinic offer a good discount up to 30% less than normal price. Plus, the currency make it cheeper to undergo a Lasik in there compared to my hometown. Without a further a do, I just do it and what I do is a good thing.
After the surgery, I need to recover at least 2 weeks before I can do another things. I just rest a while in there and do my work indoor. Nothing much I can do with my condition after surgery. It is not that bad after the surgery and Lasik help me improve my vision after that.
Here are again short post from me. Writing that long article with a 500 words in it is not my style and stay tuned with me until the end.

In the previous article I did mentioned that I would love to become a professional photographer. Not a doctor. Since my grandfather and my mother is a doctor, it is normal that they approach me and would like me to become exacly just like them. Which is a doctor. For that, there is only one answer. Not everyone can become a doctor not to mentioned a surgeon.

Different approach

There are still different approach in life and for me I take a different route from being a doctor. My brother did become a doctor and it seems our family blood runs through him. But, not me. Since I was a child, I become obsessed with picture, not to mentioned National Geographic and others. I like to watch documentary since I was a child and develop a habit of taking a picture with a camera when I was a child.

I just follow my passion towards taking picture. I still remember taking a picture of my grandfather with his cool doctor uniform and my mother who work in Podiatrist surgery in Calgary. All of those picture in still in my possession and I would proudly show to them one day and give them a little suprise.

Follow your passion

Yes, again I would like you to follow your passion and do things you want. Life is short. By being a photographer, I am able to travel in a lot of country in the world. Taking a forest picture, animals and persons. Sometimes, I go to a war zone like in Palestine, Syria just to take a picture.

There you go again short entry this time. Next I will share my experience in one of the most beautiful country in Asia which is in Singapore. Stay with me.

The above video is about a podiatrist doing its best to help a patient. Struggling for a foot pain such as bunion is one of the common foot illness known.

Plese be reminded that this blog is all about reviewing video or photo that I found is interesting to share to all of you.

The above photo reminded me of my old grandfather who used to be a doctor in the early 1990. Now that he is gone, he shared many things previously to us regarding his job and passion as a doctor and previous surgery that he conducted. About his experience in the operation room, how he met with grandma who is a nurse and all the stories that he told us previously.

Now that my grandfather is gone, and my brother now work as a Podiatrist in Edmonton street Alberta. My brother resemble my grandfather very much and he follow my grandfather passion to be a doctor.

I try to become a doctor, but, I think I cannot make it. Being a photographer is what I am good at and what I like the most. Even the salary is not as high as a podiatrist doctor, I like what I do and I will continue doing it until the end.

It is all about passion vs salary and I choose my passion and being a photographer. At least I can take my brother picture with a smile.

That’s it, next I will talk about my grandfather and his old passion a little more.